The Epoxy Files


Repair of the Sloop Kaitin from the Outside In 0

With an undulating impact and subsequent rise and fall of the hull into and out of sight in the rear view mirror, two thoughts flashed to mind: the sloop Kaitlin was not to sail at the 38th Annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, and that a wooden boat is infinitely repairable. The worst case scenario of boat trailering had just occurred, a rear‐end car collision into a stopped trailered boat. The car's impact and continuing movement forward had, among other events, forced the small transom mounted outboard inward toward and under the hull, explosively rupturing the epoxy laminated plywood transom, leaving both the mount and attached outboard motor separated and hanging on a remaining splinter of wood. Where the motor mount had once been attached was now a jagged edged rectangular hole large enough to pass a soccer ball through.

Why Use Cartridges? 0

T-88 CartridgeWouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to eliminate the chance of measuring and mixing errors, maximize the resin strength by eliminating air, always use freshly mixed material, enjoy top of the line products, save time, eliminate waste and have more fun? There is such a way. It’s called using dual cartridges. To use one you simply drop it into a caulking gun, prime it and screw on the tip to dispense thoroughly mixed and precisely measured material free of air. You put the mixed material right where it is needed with little waste. Using dual cartridges is fun and is the quick, confident way to kick back and watch things cure!

System Three & Seaview Boatyard: Riverboat Restoration Project 0

It is with extreme gratitude and pleasure that I offer my huge thanks to Phil Riise of Seaview Boatyard and the staff of System Three Resins, Inc. for their assistance in helping to repair my 1947 Cataract boat.

SilverThane SA-2100: What is it and why did we develop it? 0

What makes SilverThane SA-2100 unique is its ability to cure without the presence of moisture.  This two-part technology enables it to act as a sealant of any thickness and to cure uniformly across a glue joint film of any size.  This combined with its superior UV resistance and ability to stretch and rebound under load, makes it ideal for bonding dissimilar materials in outdoor, sun-drenched applications.

2011 Wooden Boat Festival 1

Home to the first and largest Wooden Boat Festival in North America.
Photo by: woodenboatPT
The 2011 Wooden Boat Festival is September 9-11 in Port Townsend, WA. Stop by our booth!
Hope to see you there. For more information, go to:

Epoxy Paste Pigments 0

Our  Epoxy Paste Pigments are pure, dry, colored, pigments dispersed in in an epoxy resin blend.  They are pourable, easily measured, and contain no solvents, and may be blended with one another to produce additional colors.  Since they are dispersed in an epoxy resin blend, they react into the system and do not change its cured properties.  The proper way to use these pigments is to add them to the resin (Part A) side and then add the hardener(Part B)  at the correct ratio for the epoxy system being used.

Hot Tubbing with SilverTip Epoxy 0

This is the Super "R"  hot tub from Maine Cedar Hot Tubs, Inc. The outer shell of these tubs is constructed from an oil finished Western Red Cedar and accented with brushed stainless steel bands to mirror the appearance of the traditional cedar or redwood tub.  Maine Cedar Hot Tubs, Inc. use System Three Silvertip Epoxy to cold-mould and overlay the cap rail, base rail, and inner shell of the tub.

Samantha Malay Uses MirrorCoat for Metal Tiles 0

I like to make durable surfaces using resin and small pieces of salvaged metal.  I learned about MirrorCoat™ from Darin Montgomery, furniture designer-builder and owner of Urbancase.  Nick Gucker at System Three Resins was very helpful, by phone and email, when I had technical questions about its use.

Send us your success story! 0

Send us your stories of epoxy projects using System Three products. We may publish them in this area. (please attach photos to your e-mail - rgb jpeg format no larger than 500k) Be sure to come back as we will continuously update this area with stories from around the world!

Custom 10' Skiff 0

My latest project, a ten-foot, flat bottom skiff. Designed and built by yours truly. The boat was built with 1/4" meranti plywood from Edensaw Woods, and of course, System Three general purpose resin and T-88, (purchased from Revchem in Tacoma).

This is actually my fourth boat in the past five years or so.  A picture of my kayak is still on your web site. I have to confess, that I have tried a few other epoxies over the past years, and I keep coming back to System Three! To me, the acid test for an epoxy is it's resistance to cratering when applied over a sanded, epoxy coating, compared to other brands, System Three does every time. I hope you continue selling the General Purpose resin, because I'm afraid to try any other resins!  I want to include your new SilverTip stuff! I may have to break down and try some EZ-Fillet, and Gel-Magic on my next project,  though.
Yours Truly, George Burns